Nominated for an Edgar Award, The Other Anne Fletcher takes psychological suspense to a new level of nail-biting tension as it reveals the dangerous and deadly consequences when someone has your name, but that’s not enough—she wants more, much more: she wants to take over your life, your identity, you.

Two young women in New York City. Two women with dreams of a successful career, a lasting love, a life well-lived. One realizes her dreams. The other can only fantasize. Until the fantasy is no longer enough. What begins as a frivolous lark slowly escalates until it crosses the line of sanity to a deadly madness.

Like the novels of Gillian Flynn and Chevy Stevens, this contemporary suspense novel takes psychological thriller to a new level of nail-biting tension as it exposes the dangerous and deadly consequences of jealousy, obsession, and madness.

“How clever her tormentor was. She had little left of importance; almost every facet of her life had been tainted: her job, her college, her writing, her apartment, the man she loved. Her life itself. She would continue to get through the hours and days, but always she would be waiting…waiting for the next voiceless telephone call, the next shove over a subway platform, the next violation. She was not losing her mind, she was not crazy. She wished she were. The mad had learned to deal with terror, she had not”Anne N. Fletcher

“Unusual suspense!”Publishers Weekly

“A novel you’ll want to read.”Glamour Magazine

“Effective.”Library Journal