New York City. Homicide. The Mob. Usually the territory of a man, except not now, not today, and not for Selena del Varone. A decorated New York City homicide cop, she is also the daughter of the most powerful Mafia Family on the east coast, a connection she has spent a lifetime ignoring. But when this ethical, moral, law-abiding woman learns her beloved younger brother, Nicky, is brutally murdered, she finds herself churning with a need to avenge his death, a need that suddenly makes her question herself, her conscience, her loyalty: to family or to the law. At this unexpected crossroads of her life, Selena faces a choice that could forever impact more futures than her own; a choice that might easily destroy her even as it destroys her enemies.

“I want these people punished for what they did to us. I am scared by how I feel inside. The imbalance between the law and justice. I scare myself, Papa, because what I will do does not scare me, and it should. Instead, it feels right.”Selena del Varone

Selena del Varone is a woman with the strength, intelligence and guts to lead what no other woman has ever led. Here is a woman with the courage to turn her back on who she thought was in order to accept the woman she was destined to become.

A page-turner of a read for fans of fast-paced New York City crime drama about one woman and one unforgettable,unforgivable act, and a new twist on happy endings, La Patrona is a riveting contemporary novel of psychological drama, betrayal, family – and the ties that bind.

“What a thrilling ride – from its fast, assured start to its gloriously satisfying last page!”Amazon Customer Review

“Difficult to put down!”Amazon Customer Review

“It keeps you hooked from the first line, and you never know how it will end. Jaffe has created an interesting female lead character. She is a wonderful storyteller.”Amazon Customer Review

“Very unique and clever plot, and full of surprises. I highly recommend it, and look forward to more from Jaffe.”Amazon Customer Review