The high stakes world of New York City real estate sets the stage for a novel of psychological terror where murder might be the least of a mogul’s sins.

When David Methany, an unscrupulous real estate tycoon; a man who considered himself above the law, died, his only child, his daughter, Beth, inherits the multi-million dollar empire. What starts out as an exhilarating if daunting challenge soon becomes a much more frightening scenario as someone out there, determined to be recognized as the rightful Methany heir, begins a campaign to first unnerve, then scare, finally eliminate the woman who stands in the way. This is someone who smiles like a friend and plots like the deadly enemy she is.

Lies beget lies beget murder!

A chilling novel of suspense, threat and danger set in the world of New York City real estate about the enemy hidden behind a friend’s smile that proves with terrifying results how the sins of the father are laid upon the children.

“She was furious, angrier than she had ever been in her life. Even more infuriating was her lack of control over the situation. Cards and letters. Calls. Strangers coming up to her on the street, threatening her. She hated it, hated not knowing, not fighting back, hated the overwhelming sensation of being a victim. She only hoped the anger would enable her to strike back when she came face to face with this clever adversary.”Beth Methany

“Romantic suspense fans will want to check this one out.”