I have been selected to be part of the Ohio Humanities Speakers Bureau for 2019, offering the following talks throughout the state of Ohio:

The Tradition of Humor in Ohio
Ohio has a roster of talent in the humor category, and this talk focuses on the marquee names in humor writing, comedic acting and comics/cartooning who all called Ohio home at one time or another, and why humor is so important in our lives.

Arts in Ohio: A Thriving Scene
Beginning with arts education for adults and children to the diversity of offerings in all the arts disciplines, this talk will examine how cities throughout Ohio, not just the major venues, offer their communities opportunities to learn and experience the arts.

If you are interested in booking me, please contact me directly at: sj@toddc53.sg-host.com. Then please go to: ohiohumanities.org to find out more about how the booking process works.

Thank you,