The incredible, unbelievable, cutthroat, ruthless but all too real soap opera world of a home shopping network makes for a lethal mix in this tale of greed, ambition, love and murder where the accumulation of money; the race for supremacy on the late night TV channels; the hunger for power pale next to the insatiable desire for vengeance. With a cast of characters that includes has-beens desperate for a comeback to wannabes equally desperate for their fifteen minutes of fame; a man whose ego turns everyone’s world upside-down; and a woman shattered by her husband’s infidelity only to emerge stronger than she ever dreamed possible–this is a novel that reveals the true world of this multi-million dollar business.

Sex and shopping – an unbeatable and deadly combination.

Contemporary women’s fiction that combines the suspense of Sandra Brown with the strength and charm of a Mary Kay Andrews’ heroine in a novel that reveals the ugly truths behind the glamour and celebrity of television home shopping.

“Sheila gazed into the familiar gray eyes of her ex-husband, wondering if this were madness or the only reasonable way out of a bad situation. In a flash, their history together rolled before her, and her conviction deepened that this man was incapable of killing. Sadly, she had to admit that had the situation been different, she would not have been able to say the same of Derek.

Someone had hated him enough to kill him. Someone hated Roger even more, enough to frame him, make him endure a living death.”Sheila Gainey

“A delicious tale of love, revenge and murder.”

“Originality and good writing. An author to watch.”
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